Leo Trio Galaxies (NGC3628, M65, M66 clockwise from upper-right-hand side )


Date: 28 December morning, 2003

Telescope: Borg 76ED (grade B), piggybacked on C8, on Gemini G-41 mount

Guiding: ST-4 Autoguider with Celestron 8 SCT with stabilized mirror.

Camera: Genesis KAF1602E, with Astronomik Luminence filter behind a Televue 0.8x reducer

Location: Tai Mei Tuk, Hong Kong

Exposure: 11 x 10mins

Software: Image acquisition by Astroart, calibration and auto-alignment by Astroart, sigma-combined by Sigma, blooming spikes removed in Photoshop, and final brightness adjustment by Astroart.