M31 Andromeda Galaxy (50% resized)


Date: 4 October 2004, after the Day21 Moon was rising

Telescope: Vixen R200SS 8f4 Newtonian on Gemini G-41 mount

Guiding: ST-4 Autoguider with Bosma 80mm F6 refractor on side-by-side plate.

Camera: Modified Canon EOS-10D with UV/IR blocker replaced with Astrodon Luminance filter, Baader/Celestron Coma Corrector, IDAS LPS

Location: Tai Mei Tuk, Hong Kong

Exposure: 12 x 10mins ISO400 RAW

Software: The 10D in manual (bulb) mode was controlled by DSLR V3.0 during acquisition, image processed by IRIS v4.18 and Astroart  and final brightness adjustment and noise filtering in Photoshop.

Comment: Due to a wedding of the family, I couldn't set up and image before the half moon rose! Due to light leak in the 10D the image has to be split into RGB and synthetic flatfielded (in addition to normal flatfield to remove dust donuts), and so some excess green here and there.