M45 Star Cluster (50% resized)


Date: 26 Septmeber 2004, after the Day9 Moon set

Telescope: Vixen R200SS 8f4 Newtonian on Gemini G-41 mount

Guiding: ST-4 Autoguider with Celestron C80, 80mm F11 refractor on side-by-side plate.

Camera: Modified Canon EOS-10D with UV/IR blocker replaced with Astrodon Luminance filter, Baader/Celestron Coma Corrector, IDAS LPS

Location: Tai Mei Tuk, Hong Kong

Exposure: 5 x 10mins ISO400 RAW

Software: The 10D in manual (bulb) mode was controlled by DSLR V3.0 during acquisition, image processed by IRIS v4.18  and final brightness adjustment and noise filtering in Photoshop.

Comment: Better framing of the Seven Sisters, but the transparent was not as good as 20 Sept, and there was so little after the moon set, so the S/N was not as good. Next time I will try to rotate the framing 45X Anti-CW again, as it is the classic framing for the M45.